Bachelorette Party/Bridemaid Tanks or Shirts

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These shirts are perfect for a get together with the girls to celebrate the night or weekend! You can choose the saying on the example shirt, or make up your own! Other examples will be listed below.

For one color option choose the color and then none for the other option. For example, if you wanted a Lilly print, choose the Lilly print. In the solid color options, choose none.


Other Shirt Saying Examples:

Bride: Trading My Tail For A Veil
Bridesmaids: Time To Party Our Tails Off

Bride: Bride
Bridesmaids: Bride Tribe (or Bride Squad)

Bride: Gettin' Nauti
Bridesmaids: Last Sail Before The Veil

Bride: I Do
Bridesmaids: I Do Crew

Bride: I Said Yes
Bridesmaids: That's What She Said

Bride: Flamingle With Me, I'm The Bride To Be
Bridesmaids: Let's Flamingle

Bride and Bridesmaids: Boots and Bling (Brides names here) Last Fling